September 2012

RIM Outrage Outage

RIM Outrage Outage

It is a strange time to have a RIM outage.

 Why some of us switched

About this time last year, RIM had a significant outage, for some users it lasted up to five days.  After more than a decade of carrying a Blackberry on my hip and at least 15 different blackberries, sad and frustrated, I too switched to Apple.  I did not stand in a line or pre-order the device, it was more impulsive than that – I saw the store brimming full of excited new iPhone 4S users, gave my sad blackberry one last check – the last email received was 5 days old – it was an easy decision.  Since moving to Apple, I have enjoyed many of the consumer functions, but missed the keyboard, businessy stuff and the ability to actually sleep next to my device.  I rarely use my iPhone for music, video and games, as that kills the battery and then I can’t use it to satisfy my primary use – communication.  It is very good at FB, Linked-in, Skype and I really appreciate the integration of iMessage into SMS (it sends text messages as iMessage when possible, otherwise as text messages, whereas BBMs and SMSs were separate on my last Blackberry).

Getting used to my iPhone

During the last year I have got used to the iPhone keyboard, with some very embarrassing mistakes like texting our nanny saying “are you loose?” instead of “are you close?” and recently it changed “Mimico” to “minicomputers”, which caused a lot of confusion.  Now, as of a couple of days ago with iOS6, one can finally put your iPhone in “Do not disturb” and get a whole nights sleep.  Although it does not change state automatically when you charge and you have to remember to turn the notifications back on in the morning, otherwise, you miss everything.

 Disturbing my sleep

But what I find really disturbing is the timing of this latest RIM outage.  What are the odds that RIM would have a major outage on the day of a competitor’s launch?  Must be pretty small.  For it to happen twice in one year and both times to coincide with the launch of the latest iPhone?  Maybe I should stick with the 4S until the BB10 is released and compare it with the iPhone 5 before committing to another contract and device?  What do you think?

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