TELUS Wireless Results Q1 2012

TELUS Wireless Results Q1 2012

This was an exceptional quarter for wireless at TELUS.  We were very impressed with Bell’s wireless numbers, but it seems like TELUS has trumped them on almost every number.  To really understand how well the companies are doing, we find comparing them with each other more useful than comparing themselves with previous quarters, which is the tradition.   This assumes the past is a predictor of the future, which it is not.

Gross Adds

Gross adds were down for TELUS y/y but despite significantly less distribution still delivered 363k which is respectable for a first quarter, which is always lower in gross.  This was 6% lower than the previous year. Gross Postpaid at 257K also declined, by 5.5%.  TELUS share of gross in the incumbents was 29.3% vs. last year’s Q1 at 29.6%.

Net Adds

Overall Net Adds were down 31% to 22k on the back of a 105% increase in prepaid losses.  All incumbents lost prepaid subscribers, which is a seasonal effect.

wireless prepaid nets Rogers Bell TELUS Q1 2012

Prepaid Nets Q1 2012

TELUS has had negative nets in prepaid for the last 3 first quarters.  Postpaid Net Adds were up a healthy 21% on the back of very good retention and churn numbers.   Interestingly TELUS spent 6% less on retention than a year ago, suggesting that their networks, brand and customer service are keeping customers without the need to purchase their loyalty.  With Bell and Rogers having negative nets, TELUS was the only incumbent that grew its subscriber base in the quarter, suggesting a big quarter for the new entrants.  Perhaps we can see WIND and Public beat 100K nets and Mobilicity beat 50K?


TELUS had a great quarter for smartphones, loading 19% more smartphones or 175k over the previous Q1 at 147k.  This brings the total smartphone base to 56% of postpaid subscribers.


Blended churn was 1.55% down from 1.70% a year ago.  This is a tremendous achievement considering how the other incumbents have experienced more pressure.  While the absolute number of postpaid subscribers increased close to 6% for Bell and Rogers, TELUS reduced the number of postpaid churns by nearly 12%.


TELUS grew it EOP by a modest .3%, but this was better than the subscriber losses of Bell and Rogers.  Postpaid EOP was up just over 1% sequentially.

Postpaid Canada incumbent subscriber growth

Growth starts to slow for the incumbents


TELUS Blended ARPU grew, while Rogers declined, keeping TELUS at the top of the ARPU leaderboard for the second straight quarter.  AT $58.87, this is industry leading ARPU with a significant $22.83 coming from data.  Clearly TELUS is attracting the high end smartphone subscribers that the incumbents all say they are getting and we can see the impact in their accretive ARPU.

Revenue and EBITDA

Network revenue was up 7% at $1.288bn, a great Q1 performance.  Margins grew over 5% or 2.5pts to deliver industry leading EBITDA of $622m.


This was a fantastic quarter for TELUS.  They have showed that despite fewer points of distribution, that better execution can turn fewer gross into more nets, delivering better in quarter EBITDA without having to invest incremental COA in new customers or having to invest more in retention spend to prevent churn.  A lower gross, lower churn, higher nets model will reward them with significantly better financial results to come.

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